Monthly Archive: August 2016

10 most common tools used by the service desk neutron dev 5

10 Most Common Tools Used by the Service Desk

As you may already know, the Service Desk provides technical support for their clients, also known as “users”. The Service Desk agents use a lot of helpful tools while assisting the users with their...

the power of personal projects neutron dev 5

The Power of Personal Projects

Most people have a 9 to 5 working schedule. If you ask them if they are happy with their current job some will say yes, but many more will say no. Let’s set our...

The Key to Continuous self motivation 9

The Key to Continuous Self Motivation

The lack of motivation is a mundane and troublesome issue which affects almost everyone. Sometimes you feel like life is pointless or get depressed pretty often and you just feel like you’re not going...