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VS Code Colored Bracket Pair Guides

VS Code Colored Bracket Pair Guides

If you’re working with a lot of nested code, sometimes it’s hard to identify matching brackets, braces, or parentheses. The good news is that VS Code now allows you to color the bracket pair...

vscode native bracket pair colorization

VS Code Native Bracket Pair Colorization

Update: As of April 2022 (v1.67) bracket pair colorization is enabled by default. By default, VS Code comes with plain light-colored brackets which can be confusing when you have plenty of parentheses, brackets, and...

github gist crash course featured image

GitHub Gist — Crash Course 2022 FREE

If you’ve been going through developer blogs reading technical articles, you’ve most probably seen little windows that look just like this one: This is a GitHub Gist. A Gist is an easy way to...