The Power of Personal Projects

Most people have a 9 to 5 working schedule.

If you ask them if they are happy with their current job some will say yes, but many more will say no.

Let’s set our focus to the people who are NOT happy with their current job and let’s do a brief analysis of one such person:

This is Bob. Say hello to Bob!

say hello to bob

  • He is in his mid-30s
  • He has a steady job that is filled with routine and pays a decent, not too high amount of money. It is also called a “safe job”.
  • He is sociable – has PR and Sales potential
  • He has hobbies
  • But he is UNMOTIVATED

Now, let’s narrow our attention to this “UNMOTIVATED”.

Why is Bob unmotivated?

Does he hate his job? Could be.

He doesn’t get paid enough? It could be a reason.

He doesn’t have trustworthy friends? A family? A girlfriend? This also could be a reason.

But he has hobbies. He enjoys doing something outside of office hours.

So what’s wrong with this unmotivated status?

Well, it depends on what Bob’s hobbies are. Are smoking pot and playing video games all night long hobbies?

Let’s assume not.

Bob is unmotivated because he is not doing something that matters for him or for the people around him.

He is going to do his daily job just to take the money and survive.

Bob is not driven by a purpose, that’s why he is unmotivated.

So many people are just like Bob. They are spending their free time doing almost nothing good for themselves or for the people around them.

So, what to do?

The answer is pretty simple: find what you’re driven by and start doing something for that matter.

Start your own personal project!

A personal project is a product of your own initiative and should reflect your cause, ideas and personality.

In my opinion, a personal project is a big deal if it adds value to the society we live in.

A personal project can become a business behemoth.

Let’s look at Elon Musk, for example, the man behind PayPal, SolarCity, SpaceX, Tesla, and Hyperloop.

Every one of Elon Musk’s projects adds tremendous value to the whole world.

be like elon meme neutron dev


  • can send digital money all around the World
  • have a whole city that runs only on solar-generated electricity
  • have reusable rockets
  • have electric cars
  • will soon have an ultra-fast transportation system

Start Simple

Projects like these start from a simple idea turned into a personal project driven by ambition, motivation, and philanthropy and the result is multiple companies that have written history with their achievements.

Don’t get too overwhelmed. Start simple. Look around you and observe the problems of the world we live in.

We need education. Why not teach kids programming?

We need food. Why not plant food?

We’re almost left without forests. Why not plant trees?

There are hundreds of ideas that can give birth to projects.

Why don’t we start today?

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