Required Skills and Qualities for Service Desk Jobs

You might wonder what skills and qualifications are required in order for your application to be taken into consideration for a Service Desk job.

The job description is usually standard and contains some basic points that are mostly required for every job.

I will let you in on a couple of interesting qualities that are required for a Service Desk agent:

1. Language Knowledge

The first skill they are looking for an agent is language proficiency. They are looking for a person that knows at least two languages at an advanced level. English is a standard requirement, being an international language. However they will also try to find a person that speaks another language like German, French, Spanish or Italian. These are just some examples. They are trying to offer support in a lot of other languages, but sometimes advanced or native speakers are very hard to find (such as Lithuanian, Swedish, Danish etc.).

2. People & Communication Skills

If you do not like talking to people, this is not the best job for you. A Service Desk Agent needs to handle calls from customers and assist them with their technical issues. The thing is that they need some communication skills when a more complex issue comes along. They will have to tell the client that they cannot assist them in any way with an urgent issue or that they will need to transfer it to some other team. Clients will not be very happy when they hear this. Handling calls with difficult customers is a real challenge for Service Desk agents.

3. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the fact that an agent needs to have the ability to think rationally, make the right decisions, and be able to solve problems, sometimes under pressure. It includes the following aspects:

  • Asking yourself or the client the right questions about an issue in order to find the proper resolution
  • Being able to look at an issue from different perspectives
  • Being able to use reason to evaluate existing facts and come to the right conclusion

4. Be a Team Player

This is one of the most important abilities that a Service Desk agent needs to have. You will need to collaborate with various people within a team. They are looking for a person who is able to know how to listen to and share information, a person that will pitch in of themselves to help and shows commitment and reliability.

5. Analytical Skills

As a Service Desk agent, you should be able to visualize the problem, gather relevant information about the situation, analyze and try to handle complex issues. This is a very important aspect that companies are looking for in a Service Desk agent, as they need to preserve a professional image in the eyes of the client.

6. Technical skills

This is a relative term when it comes to Service Desk. They will always mention that they are looking for someone with technical skills or similar experiences, but most of them are looking for a person who has a basic technical knowledge, while some of them don’t require any at all. In those cases, they will provide training and courses and give you the opportunity to learn progressively more. The most impressive thing is that they are willing to invest in their employees and offer you a head start in the technical world.

All in all, these are the skills and qualities that you need to have in order to land a Service Desk job.

To summarize, you need to be a hardworking person, open for new adventures and opportunities, and to enjoy talking to other people.

What do you think?

Do you have what it takes?

Adriana Rosca

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