Service Desk vs Call Center. Explain Me

Sometimes people can’t tell the difference between a Call Center and a Service Desk. This is because both work with phones and provide help to their customers. Although there are a lot of other similarities between these two domains, there are also very important differences between them.

Services provided by the Service Desk

You might wonder what kind of assistance does a Service Desk agent offer.service desk neutron dev

Well, a Service desk is a tool within the IT domain, also know as ITSM (IT Service Management). Basically the service desk provides technical assistance for its customers or business partners. The Service Desk is very similar to a call center, but focuses on internal IT. The Service Desk can have a wide range of responsibilities, from simple issues, that are very easy to fix, to complex software or network issues.

The Service Desk provides resolutions to incidents and requests opened by the clients, such as password resets for client-specific applications or even for their business Windows account.

Both clients and service desk agents use a ticketing system, where all the issues are logged. The clients, also known as “Users” can submit issues, called incidents or they can request all kinds of access and hardware or software products through this ticketing system.

Services provided by the Call Center

What does a Call Center offer?

On the other hand, the Call Center is used to handle a very large number of calls and usually works with telemarketing companies or any companies that are using phone calls to sell or advertise products or offer consulting for orders, bookings, and any other questions the clients might have.

A Call Center presents to its customers’ opportunities to sell products and offers when they arise. They deal with scenarios for customer service, which are only handled over the phone. Tcall center neutron devhere also are a lot of companies that have call centers for different branches, like sales, product and order inquiries, and even managing appointments for clinics.

Most of the time, all call center agents have scripts that provide general help through answers or information exchange. In many cases, call centers are thought of as revenue centers for businesses, because they may sell upgrades or attempt to convince customers to try out a new product.

Call centers usually do not depend on the employee’s technical skills, but IT Service Desks require people with specific technical skills. Good Call Centers and good Service Desks borrow best practices from each other, and both require a certain level of “people skills,” which is a must in both jobs. All in all, when it comes to what the employees do on a day-to-day basis, there are some fundamental differences between Call Centers and Service Desks.

Adriana Rosca

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