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VS Code Compact Folders

vs code compact folders

If you have single-child folders, VS Code will automatically compact them.

Which is not always what we want.

In this post, you’re going to find out how to change the display of single-child folders in the Explorer view:

vs code compact folders vs code compact folders

Compact Folders setting

The display of the single-child folders can be changed via the Explorer: Compact Folders setting.

You can change it in two ways:

  1. Settings UI
  2. settings.json file

To change the value from the Settings UI, press down CTRL + , (comma) or go to File -> Preferences -> Settings and search for compact folders<strong>.

Toggle off the option and you’re all set 😎

VS Code Compact Folders setting

To change the value from the settings.json file, add the following:

"explorer.compactFolders": false
false toggles off the setting, meaning the folders will be compacted.


🎥 Need a video demonstration? Check this out:


Happy coding 😊

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