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Generate Lorem Ipsum Text in VS Code

vs code lorem ipsum text

Let’s look at how to generate Lorem Ipsum text in VS Code in a quick and simple way.



Generate Lorem Ipsum

We’re going to use Emmet abbreviation to generate lorem ipsum.

VS Code supports the Emmet out of the box, so you don’t need to install any extension.

To generate a chunk of lorem ipsum text, simply type lorem in the editor.

Length of Lorem Ipsum

We can also control how much text is generated.

We can do that by adding a number suffix, such as lorem29 to generate 29 words of dummy text.

Combine Lorem with other Emmet abbreviations

Another cool trick is that we can combine lorem with other Emmet abbreviations.

Let’s generate 5 paragraphs of lorem ipsum with 29 words each.


That was it, happy coding 😊


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