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Git set initial branch name

Git Set Initial Branch Name

When you initiate a new repository, the name of the main branch is automatically set as master. Many people have become aware that the terminology master/slave should be replaced with something more appropriate. Most...

autocorrect git commands

Autocorrect Git Commands

If you accidentally type a command wrong, Git will try to figure out what you meant and list similar commands that you might have been trying to run. For example, if you type git...

Add Git Bash Windows Terminal

Add Git Bash to Windows Terminal

Let’s look at how to add Git Bash to Windows Terminal in just a few steps. Prerequisites Windows Terminal – download from the Microsoft Windows Apps website or Microsoft Store Git Bash – download...

github gist crash course featured image

GitHub Gist — Crash Course 2023 FREE

If you’ve been going through developer blogs reading technical articles, you’ve most probably seen little windows that look just like this one: This is a GitHub Gist. A Gist is an easy way to...