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Laravel improve email validation

Laravel — Improve Email Validation

Let’s assume that in your Laravel application, you have a form in which you use a Form Request to validate several fields, including the email. To validate the email address, you use the email...

laravel check file exists

How to Check If File Exists Using Laravel

In this article, we will discuss 3 ways to check if a file exists using Laravel’s functionalities. Storage Facade Let’s start off with the Storage Facade which is part of the Laravel filesystem. It...

laravel check if route exists

Check If Route Exists in Laravel

Let’s look at how we can check if a route exists in a Laravel project.   We’re going to use the has() method from the Route facade. Note that it tries to find the...

how to check laravel version

How to Check Laravel Version of Your App

Let’s have a look at several ways you can check and get the Laravel version your app is using. Check Laravel version via CLI Check Laravel version via PHP Using Application::VERSION is faster because...