Swap Characters & Words in Terminal

swap characters and words in terminal

Let’s learn how to quickly fix typos by swapping characters and words in the terminal.

Swap characters

Let’s take this command with a typo for example:

ehco hey

You can use CTRL + T to swap the first character from the left and right side of the cursor.

Set your cursor between the h and c characters and then press CTRL + T.

eh|co hey will become echo hey

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If you cannot remember the command, know that the letter T comes from the word transpose.

“To transpose” means to change the position, order, or sequence of something.

In our case, the characters.

Did you know that we can swap words too?

Swap words

The following command doesn’t exist:

la -ls

Press ALT + T to swap the words and the terminal will show the correct command:

ls -la

Let’s try it again. Type the following in your terminal:

hey echo

Press ALT + T.

The words are swapped and the output is echo hey.

Happy bashing 😊

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