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VS Code — Hex Editor Extension

vscode hex editor

Let’s have a quick look at the Hex Editor extension.

This extension allows you to view and edit files in their hexadecimal representation.

You may find it useful when working with memory addresses, encoding or decoding data, cracking executables, and many more.

There are two easy ways you can open a file in Hex Editor.

Locate the file, right-click on it then select Open With... and then select Hex Editor.

The second way is to open the file, press down CTRL + SHIFT + P, type in hex editor and select Open active file in Hex Editor.

The Data Inspector view can be configured so do check out the README file for more info.

We can use the arrow keys to navigate through the hex codes.

We can edit the values as well as the decoded text.

Watch the video above for more details.


Happy coding 😊


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