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VS Code: Middle Click to Paste into the Terminal

use mouse's middle click button to paste content into the VS Code terminal

If you have ever used a Linux distribution, you are most likely familiar with using the middle click to paste stuff into the terminal.

This behavior doesn’t exist on Windows or macOS natively.

That is why VS Code introduced a setting that allows you to configure the behavior of the middle click.

🎥 Don’t feel like reading? Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial:

Middle Click Behavior

Open the Settings panel by pressing down CTRL + , (comma) and find the Terminal > Integrated: Middle Click Behavior setting.

VS Code Terminal Integrated Middle Click Behavior setting

The default behavior depends on your operating system.

On Linux for example, it will paste in the terminal.

Select the paste value if you’re using any other operating system such as Windows or macOS and want to use the middle click to paste stuff into the terminal.

Settings.json File

The behavior of the middle click can also be changed from the settings.json file:

"terminal.integrated.middleClickBehavior": "paste"

Happy coding 💜

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