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VS Code — Open Large Files Confirmation

vscode open large files confirmation message

Visual Studio Code now prevents you from accidentally opening large files by popping up a confirmation alert.


This comes in handy, especially in remote environments where there might be costs due to network bandwidth.

Or when you just have a slow computer and you want to prevent it from freezing up.

vscode open large files confirmation message


We can change the limit by clicking the Configure Limit button.

But we can also change the value of the limit from the settings.json file.

To open the file press down CTRL + SHIFT + P and type in settings, then click the Open User Settings option.

Add the following setting somewhere in the file:

"workbench.editorLargeFileConfirmation": 2048

In my case I want to open a 2GB file, so that’s why you see 2048 there.

You can notice that these bytes are in binary, not decimal.

You’re all set! 😎


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