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Toggle Full Screen & Zen Mode in VS Code

vs code toggle full screen zen mode

Let’s look at two VS Code features that will help you focus better on writing code.



Full Screen

You can toggle it by pressing down CTRL + SHIFT + P and typing in ‘Toggle Full Screen‘ or using F11, the default keybind.

You can notice that the window taskbar and the menu bar are no longer being shown.

If you still want to access VS Code’s menu bar quickly you can press the ALT button.

Once you do an action like clicking away, the menu bar will disappear.

You can exit the Full Screen mode using the same command or keybind.

For some people, the Full Screen mode is not enough, and that’s why in VS Code there is another feature that lets you focus on your code by hiding all UI except for the editor.

Let’s have a look at the Zen mode.

Zen Mode

You can toggle the Zen Mode by pressing down CTRL + SHIFT + P and typing in ‘Toggle Zen Mode‘ or pressing down CTRL + K and Z which is the default keybind.

For the Sublime version, the command is SHIFT + F11.

You’ll notice that elements such as Activity Bar, Status Bar, Side Bar, and Panel are no longer visible.

You can also adjust the editor’s width, by dragging in or out the edge of the editor.

You can exit the Zen mode by using the same command or keybind.

That’s it!

Happy coding 😊


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